How to Listen to the Radio Through the Bose SoundDock

Updated March 23, 2017

The Bose SoundDock digital music system is designed for use with iPods, iPhones and other digital music players. Use the provided dock to play music and podcasts directly through the Bose speakers. An auxiliary input jack on the back of the Bose SoundDock also makes it possible for users to connect a laptop computer, satellite radio receiver or an MP3 player to the sound system.

Purchase and download the Bose AM/FM application from the Apple App Store for installation on your iPod Touch or iPhone. This application allows you to stream radio stations over a 3G or a Wi-Fi network.

Place your iPod Touch or iPhone into the dock on the front of your SoundDock music system.

Tap the icon for the Bose AM/FM application on your Apple device to launch the Bose radio player.

Select your home location to display a list of radio stations in your area. Or, if you want to locate a radio station in another part of the country or world, select that as your "home" location.

Browse through the radio stations to select one to play through the Bose SoundDock. Tap the radio station of your choice to begin streaming the station live over your iPod or iPhone.


If you have a satellite radio subscription, you can also listen to these radio stations through your Bose SoundDock -- either by connecting your satellite radio receiver to the SoundDock through the auxiliary port, or by downloading and installing the free SiriusXM Internet Radio application on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Things You'll Need

  • iPod Touch or iPhone
  • Bose AM/FM App
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