How Do I Block Websites on My iPad?

Written by anne hirsh | 13/05/2017
How Do I Block Websites on My iPad?
Block unwanted websites on your iPad with a third-party browser and keep your child safe. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

The iPad does not come with native parental controls, so you need third-party software to control Internet access. There are several browsers available in the iPad App Store that offer parental controls. You can choose one that filters Internet content according to a child's age or one that allows you to enter specific categories and URLs for personalised site blocking. These functions only work when you navigate the Internet using the protected browser, so you'll need to disable Safari, the iPad's default browser, to ensure your site restrictions.

Launch the App Store on your iPad.

Enter "Parental control browser" or "Safe Browser" in the search box to see a list of browser offerings that include the ability to block websites. Read each app description and rating to find a browser with the features you want. AppAdvice and iKidApps recommend the Mobicip Safe Browser for reliable Internet filtering and customised site blocking with a Safari-like user interface.

Select the browser of your choice and tap the price to purchase it. Tap the "Free" button if you chose a free selection. Tap "Install" and enter your iTunes password to confirm the purchase and install the app.

Launch the "Settings" app on your iPad.

Tap "General" and then "Restrictions." Choose "Enable Restrictions" and enter a passcode to protect your restrictions. This way, if you restrict your child's iPad use, she cannot undo your restrictions without the passcode.

Switch the "Safari" app to "Off" under the "Allow" settings. From there you can also turn off app purchases, iTunes and other features if you want them restricted as well. Restricting Safari will hide its app icon and other settings. Restricting app downloads is a good idea if you don't want your child to download a different browser for unrestricted surfing.

Press the "Home" button to return to your home screen. Swipe your finger across the screen from right to left to move through your home pages to check for any other unrestricted browsers on the iPad. The iPad allows up to 11 home pages, but these only open if you have apps placed on them, so just swipe until no new screens appear. If you find any, press and hold them until the icons shake, then tap the "X" in the corner of each browser app to delete it. You can re-download these apps from iTunes later without additional charge if you want them restored.

Launch your new browser that has parental controls. Tap the settings or tools icon, usually represented by a wrench or gears, and follow the in-app instructions to configure your Internet restrictions. When these are configured the way you want them and no other browser exists on the iPad, your children will no longer have access to the sites you chose to block.

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