How To Protect Rubber Soles From Wear

Updated February 21, 2017

Often the soles on a pair of shoes will wear down while the shoes are still in good shape. Children can be especially rough on footwear. You can take your worn soles to a shoe repair shop for new ones. Or you can be proactive and apply sole protectors when the shoes are new and simply replace the protectors when they wear down. This is a more cost-conscious method and it better preserves the integrity of the shoes. Cobblers will apply protectors for you, but to save money you can purchase the sole protectors and apply them yourself.

Wipe the soles of the shoes with a wet cloth to remove dirt and debris.

Leaving the protective backing on the sole protectors, place one protector in the middle of the bottom of the shoe sole and outline it with chalk. Repeat with the other shoe.

Peel the protective backing from one sole protector.

Line it up carefully in the outline you drew on the sole of the shoe. Press it in place. Repeat with the other shoe.

Take a clean, wet rag and wipe the chalk off the bottom of the shoes.


Look for sole protectors in shoe stores, discount stores and chemists.


Sole protectors will only work with flat footwear.

Things You'll Need

  • Chalk
  • Pair of sole protectors
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