How to Wake Up a Samsung Netbook

Written by tiffany garden | 13/05/2017

Your Samsung netbook will go into a sleep or hibernation mode if you leave it idle. The amount of time that it takes to enter this mode depends on the settings in the operating system. You can adjust the amount of time it takes for the Samsung netbook to enter into a standby state, so you don't have to worry about it powering down when you have to leave it for a short amount of time.

Move your mouse to check if the Samsung netbook is sleeping or if the display has simply shut off.

Press any button on your keyboard or press the power button to wake your Samsung netbook from sleep. It may take a moment for your screen to load.

Click "Start" and "Control Panel" if you want to adjust the time that your Samsung netbook takes to go into sleep mode. Select the "System and Maintenance" options on this page. Click "Power Options."

Click the option labelled "Change plan settings" to access the netbook's power plan settings. Select "Change advanced power settings" to bring up the advanced settings option, which is where your sleep options reside.

Click the plus sign next to "Sleep." Choose the "Sleep after" option to get to the settings you need to change. Adjust the amount of time before your computer enters sleep mode. Click "OK" and "Save Changes."

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