How to Reset a Dell Inspiron 2200 to Its Factory Settings

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If you own a laptop like the Dell Inspiron 2200, chances are you've experienced frozen screens or system crashes. This can be frustrating, but there are ways to fix these problems that don't involve taking your laptop to a service technician. One way to get rid of any glitches is by performing a reset on your Inspiron in order to restore it to its original factory settings. While this may sound like a highly technical process, the entire procedure can be performed in less than five minutes.

Turn off your Dell Inspiron 2200 and remove any external USB (Universal Serial Bus)-connected devices or power cables that may be connected to it.

Turn on your computer and wait for a moment until the splash (logo) screen appears on the monitor.

Press and hold the "Ctrl" key and "F11" key simultaneously once the splash screen appears. A text box will then appear that reads, "Dell PC Restore by Symantic."

Click "Restore" when prompted by the text box. A warning alert will appear on screen informing you that all data is about to be lost. Click "Confirm" when prompted and a progress bar will appear on screen letting you know how much time is left to reset the system.

Wait for the progress bar to fill up, at which point a text box will appear on screen that reads, "The system recovery process was successful." Your computer will then restart and will be restored to its factory settings.

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