How to Make Your Own Wick for a Zippo

Updated November 21, 2016

Popular among lighter collectors, Zippo lighters have been around ever since George Blaisdell retooled an Austrian lighter that held a flame well even in the wind. Improving on the casing and the lighter's chimney, the Zippo lighter became famous for its lifetime guarantee and durable casing. If you collect Zippo lighters or want to learn how to make your own wicks, doing so is pretty straightforward; accomplish it with a short trip to the store for supplies.

Remove the wick from a Tiki torch or, if you can, purchase an unused wick. If you can't find a Tiki torch wick, then use thick cotton string. You'll find this at crafting stores. Don't try to use cotton yarn; it doesn't have the right consistency to make a wick and will prove too difficult to use.

Pull a bit of the torch wick free. It should come out relatively easily and be rather thick. Lay it on a scratch-proof surface such as a self-healing cutting mat and work it with your fingers until it is loose and the fibre is spread out flat on the surface.

Cut away a bit of the wick material. Twist between your fingers so it is stiff enough to fit down the wick hole with ease.

Thread your lighter with your new wick. Continue to cut the wick material until you have plenty for later use.

Things You'll Need

  • Tiki torch wick
  • Razor blade or X-acto knife
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