The required tools for an oil change in a Fiat Punto

Image by Ddhq; Flickr.

Changing oil is not a difficult task, but it can be a dirty one. The Fiat Punto is no different than any other car when it comes to changing the oil and you can find the required tools at any car parts or DIY shop. Safety is the most important part of changing the oil in a Fiat, so make sure the Punto is in gear and the handbrake is on before starting the job.

Ratchet and sockets

A ratchet and socket set is needed for changing the oil in a Fiat Punto. The ratchet is a handheld tool to which different size sockets can be attached and the ratchet can loosen or tighten the nut without removing the ratchet and socket from the head of the nut. This is convenient when changing the oil, because the mechanic gains access to the oil drain plug from underneath the vehicle. The drain plug is a nut that allows the engine oil to be drained out of the Fiat. The mechanic will typically need a 1.25 cm (1/2 inch) socket to open the oil drain plug nut.


A boxed-in or open-end wrench is required when changing the oil in a Fiat Punto. A mechanic will need a handheld wrench if the ratchet and socket cannot loosen the drain plug. If the drain plug is too tight and cannot be loosened with the ratchet and socket, the mechanic will find a boxed-in wrench easier because he can apply more leverage with the long handle of the wrench. A boxed-in wrench is made of hardened steel and has a circular hexagon end for fixing to the nut.

Oil filter wrench

Once the drain plug is removed and the engine oil has been drained out of the Punto engine, the mechanic uses a oil filter wrench to remove the oil filter. The oil filter wrench comes with a handle and large circular band that slides over the outside of the oil filter. When the handle is pulled in a counter-clockwise motion, the oil filter wrench tightens around the oil filter and loosens it. Another type of oil filter wrench is made to fit the filter on the Fiat Punto, and this has a ratchet attached to the bottom of the wrench. Both are useful, but the fitted oil filter wrench makes it easier to loosen the oil filter and tighten the new oil filter.

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