How to Tie a Scrunch Wedding Tie

Updated April 17, 2017

The rouche tie, informally known as the scrunch tie, is a variety of cravat that has gained popularity as a stylish and fun necktie for weddings. Grooms and groomsmen often choose scrunch ties in favour of more traditional cravats because of their youthful and flirty look. Like traditional cravats, scrunch ties consist of a thin strip of fabric that fits around the neck and two long, wide ends that form the decorative ruffling and tails. While pre-tied rouche ties are available, many men prefer to tie their own.

Lay the cravat over your shoulders the way you would a normal necktie. Center it so the thin part of the tie is even along the back of your neck, and lay the longer wide end on your right side.

Pull the long end to the left so it crosses the shorter end, then wrap it under the shorter end. Bring the long end over the shorter end again, pulling it to the left for a second time.

Bring the long end up through the back of the wrapped loop you have created, then bring it down again through the front of the loop. The loop itself creates the scrunch.

Adjust the bottom tail of the tie to bring both ends to the desired length. Keep the knot slightly loose to maximise the scrunched look.

Tuck the tails into your vest or jacket so only the scrunchy knot and a little bit of material beneath it are visible.


Tie pins are optional with scrunch ties. This style best complements wing-collar shirts.

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