Baby shower diaper name tag instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

It's a lot of work to come up with entertaining games to play at a baby shower. If you are the hostess, look for games that require minimal planning. The dirty diaper game is a simple game for baby showers that gives guests a chance to win a prize. To play this game, each guest receives a diaper name tag that is pinned onto her blouse. Guests are instructed not unfold their name tags until the hostess says so. The guest who has the name tag with a brown marker spot on the inside wins the game.

Create your own or print out a paper diaper name tag templates. The template should have two sections that fold in half, creating a front and back end of the diaper. Cut out the templates so that you have one name tag for each guest.

Secure the diaper closed by cutting slits into the back side of the diaper. Then, fold two corners on the front side to slide into slits in the back. This creates the diaper name tag's closure.

Make a dot in one of the name tags using the brown marker. Leave the front of the name tag blank, as guests will write their names onto the name tag as they arrive at the shower.

Insert safety pins onto the tops of the diaper name tags. Guests will use the safety pins to attach the name tags onto their clothes.


A thicker card stock paper will hide the brown marker spot on the inside of the name tag better. An alternative name tag concept is to make the tags out of white craft foam or felt shaped like a diaper, and then glue a small brown circle in foam or felt to the backside.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper diaper name tag template
  • Scissors
  • Brown marker
  • Safety pins
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