How to Blow Up Inflatables With a Closure

Updated February 21, 2017

Inflatables such as beach balls and floats for the pool or beach are equipped with one or more valves with a closure for sealing in the air. Depending on the product, the valve stem typically opens by squeezing it halfway in the middle. Use an air pump to blow up inflatables much larger than a beach ball. Trying to inflate a floating vinyl lounge chair by mouth may leave you too exhausted to jump in the pool.

Plug in the air pump to an electrical socket.

Lift the closure on the inflatable to remove the rubber plug from the valve stem. Grip the tab on the closure with your thumb and index finger to pull it out.

Push the adaptor that fits the inflatable valve onto the hose connector at the end of your air pump.

Squeeze the valve slightly as you insert the air-pump adaptor firmly into the valve.

Switch on the air pump to blow up the inflatable to the rated pressure printed on the side of the product.

Shut off the air pump and remove the adaptor from the inflatable's valve stem. Immediately moisten the closure and push it back fully into the valve. Check the inflatable for additional valves connected to separate air chambers, if any, and blow them up.


Do not overinflate. Use the inflatable only as designed by the manufacturer. If it is not rated as a life-saving device, do not rely on it in an emergency.

Things You'll Need

  • Air pump with valve adaptors
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