How to transfer maps to a blaupunkt lucca

Updated February 21, 2017

Maps for Blaupunkt's satellite navigation devices come from three suppliers: Tele Atlas, NAVTEQ and naviextras. The Lucca 5.3 uses NAVTEQ, and the road map of the country that the Lucca was bought in will be pre-installed on the Lucca. You can buy updates, and additional road maps for other countries. In addition, if your pre-installed map has become corrupted, there is a copy on the CD that came with the Lucca that you can transfer to the device.

Purchase the map that you require from the links on the Blaupunkt Map Supplier Web Page. You may have to call the map supplier if the map isn't available on the supplier's website. The website will display the number to call.

Copy the map to an SD card if it is supplied on a CD-ROM. Insert the CD into a computer's drive and allow it to mount. Insert an SD card in the card reader and allow it to mount. Drag the map from the CD to the SD card. Wait for it to complete copying and remove the SD card from the reader.

Switch the Lucca on and insert the SD card in the slot on the right side of the device. Press the "Navigation" button followed by "More." Touch "Select Map" and choose the map from the card. Press "OK."

Choose whether to load the map to the main memory or run it off the card. If you load it into the main memory it will overwrite the existing map.

Press "OK" and the map will display. Push the card a little and it will eject.

Things You'll Need

  • CD-ROM map
  • Blank SD card
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