How to boil eggs with soft yolks

Updated February 21, 2017

A good source of protein, cooked eggs are essential items for a breakfast menu. These perfectly-shaped ovals are also a cherished icon of Easter, a spring holiday. There are two methods frequently used for boiling eggs, soft or hard boiling. Soft-boiling cooks the outside white of the egg but leaves the yolk soft. Hard-boiling cooks both the white and yolk solidly. A soft-boiled egg has a delicate flavour and makes the perfect accompaniment for toast points. The University of Maine recommends that you only soft boil eggs with an AA or A grade.

Place the egg gently in the saucepan. Fill the pan with water, just covering the egg.

Turn a stove burner on high and place the water on the burner. Allow the egg to come to a boil.

Flip the heat off and cover the saucepan with a lid. Set a timer for four minutes for a runny yolk or six minutes for a slightly runny texture.

Remove the egg carefully with a spoon. Place the egg on a tea towel and dry it off. Place the egg in an egg cup.


Wash your hands after handling raw eggs.


Do not use eggs that are cracked or damaged.

Things You'll Need

  • Small saucepan with tight-fitting lid
  • Spoon
  • Tea towel
  • Egg cup
  • Egg spoon
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