How Do I Replace G8 Halogen with LED Bulbs?

Updated July 20, 2017

The Pontiac G8 comes equipped with halogen bulbs for all its exterior lights. LED lights are a popular G8 option as they last longer than halogen lights and are much brighter. If you wish to install LED lights into your G8, you need to purchase LED light assemblies as LED bulbs require different wiring than halogen bulbs. The process is fairly simple and you can replace the assemblies in a matter of minutes, provided you have the appropriate tools.

Open the G8's bonnet and disconnect the negative battery terminal with a socket wrench.

Disconnect the wiring connector from the headlight assembly or the turn signal assembly, depending on which one you wish to replace with an LED assembly. Remove the bolts securing the assemblies to the engine compartment with a socket wrench.

Lift the desired light assembly out of the engine compartment. Place the new LED assembly into the engine compartment.

Attach the wiring connector to the LED assembly. Reinstall the bolts to secure the LED assembly to the engine compartment and reconnect the battery. Close the bonnet.

Open the bonnet and disconnect the negative battery terminal with a socket wrench.

Open the boot and remove the screws securing the tail lights to the G8. Disconnect the wiring connector from the tail light assembly and pull the assembly out of the vehicle.

Place the LED tail light assembly into the G8. Reconnect the wiring connector and reinstall the screws.

Close the boot. Reconnect the battery and close the bonnet.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Socket wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
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