How to Get iSketch to Work on a Macbook

Written by jason taetsch | 13/05/2017

iSketch is an online game in which one player draws a picture and the other players try to guess the word that the picture represents. The game is free to use and available to everyone, however you must have the proper software installed to your computer in order to interact with the game's servers. Install the proper plugin to your MacBook to so you can play iSketch with friends or with other users from around the globe.

Open "Safari" or another Web browser and visit ""

Click the "Play Now" button and you will be redirected to a page that recommends installing the Adobe Shockwave player in order to play iSketch.

Click the "Get Adobe Shockwave" button and click "Agree and Install Now" to download the Shockwave installer file. Double-click the installer file and click "Continue" in the installer window. Click "Install" to install the plugin to your browser.

Close your browser and reopen it. Visit the iSketch page and click "Play Now" and the game will work on your MacBook.

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