How to Switch Your SafeLink Phone to Another

Updated April 17, 2017

SafeLink is a free cell phone service provided by the U.S. government to low-income families. The further under the poverty level the family is, the more minutes (up to 250 per month) the family receives. To become eligible for a SafeLink Wireless phone, the family can go online to the SafeLink Wireless website to fill out the enrolment forms. The application is reviewed and the family or individual is notified of eligibility. SafeLink Wireless is a subsidy of TracFone, and the SIM cards (registration cards located under the battery) are able to be switched from one phone to the next (as well as other SafeLink Wireless phones).

Remove the battery cover from your SafeLink Wireless phone. On the back of the phone, slide the battery cover down to take the cover off.

Remove the battery from the phone.

Remove the SIM card from under the battery compartment. The SIM card is a small white rectangle-shaped card that holds the user's registration information.

Remove the battery cover from the phone you wish to switch to.

Remove the battery you wish to begin using and place the SIM card in the SIM card slot (gold-coloured-connections-side down) of the new phone.

Place the battery back in the new phone (paying attention to the battery connections), then place the battery cover back on the phone. Power the phone on and the phone should be active on your SafeLink account.


This method is only proven to work for phones registered on the SafeLink Wireless and TracFone networks. If the phone did not properly activate after the SIM card was inserted and the battery replaced, call SafeLink Wireless at 1-800-867-7183 and follow the prompts to speak to a customer service representative to reactivate the phone.

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