How to Hide My Virgin Mobile Number from Caller ID

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Whether you are checking an unfamiliar number on your own caller ID or just want to guard your privacy, hiding your Virgin Mobile cell phone number from caller ID is a simple process that can be done both on a temporary, case-by-case basis or permanently, depending on your privacy demands.

Following these simple instructions will allow you to make calls from your cellular device without revealing your phone number to the party you are calling.

Dial # 67 from your cell phone handset.

Dial the intended number you wish to call. This process will temporarily block your phone number from appearing on the call recipient's caller ID screen.

Dial 1-888-322-1122, or *86 from your Virgin Mobile cellular device.

Request a permanent caller ID block from the customer-service representative. This will block your number from appearing on all caller ID screens, except for emergency calls.