How to fix a bad HDMI cable

Updated April 17, 2017

An HDMI cable uses a series of pins inside a connector to connect to a socket on a video device; for example, a DVD player or a TV. The unprotected design of the HDMI cable's connector makes it vulnerable to dirt and other debris getting inside. To fix an HDMI cable that is not transmitting video properly (i.e., "bad"), clean the connector. Supplies from a hardware store will be needed.

Insert an end of the plastic tube into the nozzle of the electrical cleaning spray can. Shake the can for five seconds.

Hold the end of the HDMI cable horizontally in your left hand, so that the connector is facing right.

Spray a two-second burst of electrical cleaning spray into the open end of the connector. Let two minutes pass.

Rub the tip of a cotton swab against the inside edges of the connector to remove loose dirt and other debris. Spray another two-second burst into the open end of the connector. Blow out the open end of the connector with a burst of compressed air.

Line up the connector with an HDMI socket on an electrical device; for example, a DVD player. Insert the connector into the socket. Pull the connector back out. Repeat this procedure an additional two times.

Blow out the open end of the connector with a burst of compressed air.


Gloves will protect your hands from getting spray on them, as will a face mask keep fumes from bothering you.


Never use any type of aerosol spray without adequate ventilation. Keep children and pets away from where you are using the electrical cleaning spray.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic tube
  • Electrical cleaning spray can
  • Cotton swab
  • Compressed air
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