How to Transfer Vinyl Records to an iPod

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Transferring vinyl records to your iPod means that you can listen to your favourite records whenever, and wherever, you want. It also ensures that your vinyl records are backed up on your computer and your iPod so that if they ever become damaged, then at least you have them in a digital format. Hopefully, transferring your vinyl to your iPod will mean that you won't need to listen to your records as oftren, which will mean that there is less chance of them becoming damaged in the first place.

Plug in the black and white RCA cable jacks into the corresponding black and white jack inputs in the back of your record deck. Plug the mini-jack end of your RCA cable into the line-in on the back of your computer or into the headphone socket if using a laptop.

Open your music-recording software by clicking on its icon. Set the program up to record a new track; this process will differ depending on what program you are using.

Put a vinyl record you wish to transfer onto your turntable. Turn it on and put the needle on the first track. Adjust the volume so that the recording level gauge on your music-recording software does not exceed the maximum recording level.

Lift off the needle and replace it in the cradle when the levels are set. Press "Record" on your music-recoding software and put the needle at the start of your record and turn the deck on. Save the recorded record to your computer's desktop when it has finished recording.

Open iTunes. Drag the recorded record file from your desktop into your iTunes library.

Connect your iPod to your computer using a USB cable; iTunes should automatically sync your recorded vinyl with your iPod. Disconnect your iPod when it has finished syncing by clicking on the upward-pointing arrow next to the iPod icon below "Devices" in the left-hand column. Disconnect the USB lead when the "OK to disconnect" bar has finished loading on your iPod's screen.

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