How to Start Up an iPod Shuffle for the First Time

Written by ana chandler | 13/05/2017
How to Start Up an iPod Shuffle for the First Time
iPod Shuffle is the smallest and least expensive of the iPod line. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

The iPod Shuffle is the smallest of Apple's MP3 players. Although it is only an inch long, it can hold up to 2GB of audio. Due to its small size, the MP3 player is not as sophisticated as other iPods -- it does not have a screen and you can't create a playlist on the device itself. You can still add songs, create playlists on your computer for transfer and skip or pause music with your iPod Shuffle. Before using a Shuffle for the first time, there are a few things you must do.

Download iTunes from the Apple website. You need to have iTunes installed on your computer to sync your Shuffle and add music. iTunes prompts you to update automatically when a newer version of the software is available.

Charge your iPod Shuffle. Apple recommends fully charging the device before first use; a full charge usually takes three hours.

Connect your iPod Shuffle to your computer using the USB connector cable. iTunes automatically starts the set-up prompt.

Name your iPod Shuffle during set-up. The name of the device appears on the left side of iTunes when your device is connected. Keep "Automatic Syncing" checked so your iTunes library syncs with your Shuffle each time you connect the device. This updates your playlist with the newest music automatically.

Enable "Voiceover" to change playlists, display song information and verbalise a low-battery alert. Enable the "Genius Playlist" setting if you have playlists on your iTunes. This deposits songs to your Shuffle in playlists as they appear on iTunes. Disabling "Genius Playlist" deposits all the songs in your iTunes library into an "All Songs" category on your Shuffle.

Power on your iPod Shuffle by moving the switch on the top of the device from "Off" to the circle icon. The Shuffle loads for the first time and you can start playing your music.

Play music files in the order they appear on your iTunes playlist by selecting the icon on the top of the Shuffle with arrows in a loop. Randomise your playlist by switching to the icon with intersecting arrows.


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