How to print one blank template check from your computer

Updated May 23, 2018

You can use blank check templates to create your own checks and quickly print them out. You may find this option more convenient and cost efficient than ordering custom checks from a third party. When you create a check template or open one that has been created in a different program, you will have to use that program to print it out. You can use a quick keyboard shortcut to activate the program's print function if you are not sure how to do it through its interface.

Check your printer and ensure that it is turned on and connected correctly to your computer.

Open the program that the check template was created in or designed for. For instance, if the file has the extension ".doc" or ".docx," you would open it with Microsoft Word.

Press "Ctrl" and "P" once you have the check template open to begin the printing process.

Click the "Select a Printer" drop-down box and click your printer's name.

Point the mouse cursor to the "Number of copies" entry and click the up arrow to set it to "1."

Click "Print" to print your check.


If your file contains other blank checks on other pages, you can tell Windows to print only one specific check by typing its page number in the "Page Range" section of the "Print" dialogue.

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