How to deal with a sociopathic explosive personality

Updated November 21, 2016

Sociopathic personality disorder is a mental illness associated with a lack of conscience. People afflicted with this personality disorder are part of society and walk amongst us, unless they have committed crimes for which they are imprisoned. This personality disorder is characterised by a lack of respect or value for others' feelings and a way of looking at other people as pawns to be used for the sociopath's own gain. If you cross paths with a sociopath with an explosive personality, there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

Do not try to reason with a sociopath with explosive personality disorder. These disorders are characterised by feelings of rage that can come on in a moment's notice, when a sociopath is feeling thwarted or frustrated. These feelings usually stem from low self-esteem and not knowing how to handle conflict and feelings of frustration. Never engage this person in verbal combat, as he is not a rational human being.

Keep yourself still and listen, as this will give the sociopath the impression that you are validating his feelings without adding more fuel to the fire. If the individual is shouting or yelling at you, step back and let him finish, then calmly ask him to stop yelling at you.

Take a few steps back -- and if you can do so safely -- ask to leave the vicinity for a cooling-off period and go to a safe area. If the sociopath has invaded your personal space or has threatened you physically, leave at once and call the authorities for help.

Pick a time to calmly explain to the sociopath, after some time has passed and the sociopath has calmed down, that if he does not get help for his explosive personality disorder he will find himself with severed personal and family relationships, failed job attempts and possible contact with law enforcement and incarceration.


With a lack of conscience a sociopath with explosive personality disorder will probably not feel he has done anything wrong, and will not feel guilt or shame about his behaviour. The only way to reason with a sociopath is to make him see that his behaviour will have legal, financial and personal consequences, of which he can relate to.


Sociopathic explosive personality disorder is a mental illness that needs to be professionally treated by a licensed doctor, do not attempt to treat such a person on your own.

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