Robo Raptor Instructions

Updated July 19, 2017

The Robo Raptor is the creation of Mark Tilsden, and is built and distributed by Wow Wee Toys International. Although primarily classed as a toy, the Robo Raptor is actually a collectable product that was marketed as a successor to the popular Robo Sapien robot. The Robo Raptor uses infrared sensors that allow it to recognise the surrounding environment and to interact with the user, and has a series of autonomous moods and behaviour patterns.

Ensure that the power switch on the Robo Raptor is turned off, and remove the battery compartment cover with a crosshead screwdriver. Insert six "AA" batteries into the battery compartment and replace the cover securely. Place three "AAA" batteries into the remote control unit. Now the Robo Raptor is ready for use.

Move the switches on the Robo Raptor and remote control unit to the "On" position, and use the directional buttons to learn the characteristics of the robot. Press the forward directional button once to make the Robo Raptor move forward, a second time to assume the hunting gait and a third time to make the robot run. Press down the backward directional button to make Robo Raptor shuffle backward.

Use the left and right button to make the Robo Raptor turn in the relevant direction by pushing down once. Push the left and right directional buttons a second time to make the robot change directions in a wider arc to replicate real animal movement. Hold down the stop button to bring Robo Raptor to a standstill.

Control the head of the robot by using the clockwise and counterclockwise head buttons, and animate Robo Raptor further by pressing down the bite button for additional fierceness. Swish the tail of Robo Raptor by using the directional tail buttons provided. Familiarise yourself with a full range of possible movements by pressing the "Demo" button and allowing Robo Raptor to complete a demonstration sequence.

Simultaneously press down on the shift and demo buttons to put Robo Raptor into free roam mode. Make sharp sounds so your robot recognises another presence in the room Test its intelligence by placing small obstacles in the way to see how the robot overcomes them. Hold down the shift and bite buttons at the same time to put Robo Raptor into guard mode. Listen for any loud roars that warn you of the presence of others.

Change Robo Raptor's moods by holding down the shift button and the head and tail directional buttons. Choose different combinations to witness your robot in hunting, playful or cautious moods. Place a hand in front of the different sensors while the robot is in free roam mode to gauge his reactions to human interference. Always turn off Robo Raptor after use.

Things You'll Need

  • Robo Raptor toy
  • Robo Raptor remote control
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