How to Record Mozilla Firefox With FRAPS

Updated April 17, 2017

Fraps, a free screen capture program, can help you record all your Mozilla Firefox browsing activities. Unlike your Print Screen key, Fraps creates movies of your on-screen activity. For instance, if you visit a movie site, such as YouTube or Vimeo, you can use Fraps to record the movie you see in your Firefox browser. Installation is quick and a simple press of a hotkey is all it takes to turn your Firefox browsing sessions into home movies.

Visit the Fraps website, download the program and install Fraps.

Launch Fraps. The main screen opens and displays several tabs.

Click the "General" tab, and then put a check mark next to "Monitor Aero Desktop (DWM).

Click the "FPS" tab to display FPS settings. Locate the "Overlay Hotkey" text box. By default, this displays "F12." This is the overlay hotkey button. Fraps has a numerical frame counter -- used in games -- that appears on-screen. Pressing the hotkey defined in the "Overlay Hotkey" text box allows you to hide that overlay. Remember the hotkey value in that text box.

Click the "Movies" tab and locate the "Folder to Save Movies" text box. This text box contains the folder location where Fraps stores movies it creates. Remember that folder location. Note the value in the "Video Capture Hotkey" text box. The default is "F9." Pressing this hotkey toggles screen recording on and off.

Click the "Record Win 7 Sound" check box to remove the check if you do not need to record audio while using Firefox.

Launch Firefox, and press the Video Capture Hotkey. Perform a few tasks such as viewing your bookmarks, checking add-ons or browsing the Web. Fraps is recording at this point.

Press your Video Capture Hotkey to stop recording, and launch Windows Explorer. Navigate to the folder location that contains the movies. A video file appears in that folder.

Double-click the file to play the video of your Mozilla Firefox activities.


As Fraps records Firefox's screen, you may see the Fraps overlay in one of the corners of your screen. To make it disappear, press the "Overlay Hotkey" until the overlay disappears. When the overlay is visible and Fraps is recording, the overlay turns red. Otherwise, it is yellow. The next time you record Firefox screen activity, Fraps creates a new video file.

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