How to Make Dot to Dot Pictures Using Coordinate Points

Updated July 20, 2017

Teachers are always looking to liven up what could otherwise be a boring learning experience. Dot-to-dot patterns using math coordinates as the "dots" can make pictures or messages on graph paper. Students can practice their graphing skills while having fun trying to guess what the picture will be. If the picture does not seem accurate, students can self-check, reinforcing their learning.

Create your drawing or text message on the coordinate grid, using straight lines.

Mark the points (on corners) where each line begins and ends.

Fill in numbers and letters on the x-axis and y-axis.

Record the points in the order that you would draw the picture.

Give the coordinates and some graph paper to your students and watch them connect the dots to figure out the drawing.


Once your students get the hang of it, have them create pictures and messages for their friends.

Things You'll Need

  • graph paper
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