How to Tie a Rope for Handcuffs

The handcuff knot is a sturdy knot that has a variety of uses. With people, the knots are used as a way to gently pull them out of fires or other dangerous situations when they cannot move on their own. Ranchers use the knot to tie the legs of cattle together to prevent them from roaming too far from designated areas. You can also use this knot to make fake handcuffs for a play or movie. This knot is not intended to be used for securing dangerous persons, as the person tied in the knot can easily escape.

Make a "q" shape from the rope by looping one end of the rope over the other. Position the loop in the middle of the rope. Make a second loop in the middle of the rope right next to the first. Make each loop about 6 inches long.

Place the left edge of the right loop over the right edge of the left loop. This will make a pretzel shape.

Pull the left edge of the right loop and the right edge of the left loop through the opposite ends of the other loop. This will form a knot in the middle of the two loops. Pull on the ends of the rope to adjust the size of the loops to the desired length.

Pull the loops firmly to tighten the knot. Slip the knot over a person's hands, or other objects, to hold them gently together.

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