How to Make a RAR File on a Mac

Updated July 05, 2018

RAR files contain one or more files and folders and support different levels of compression that can often reduce the file size. They are useful for storing, sharing and backing up multiple items. Although Mac OS X does not have a native utility that can create or extract RAR files, many free and paid utilities available on the Web let you create the archives. Some programs also let you customise the level of compression, split files into multiple archives or use a password to protect your RAR file's contents.

Download and install SimplyRAR. Open the program, then click the "Finder" button in the Mac OS X Dock to open a file browser window.

Drag and drop the files you want to put in the RAR from the Finder window to the "Files To Be Compressed" section in SimplyRAR's window.

Click the "Compression Method" drop-down list to select a level of compression, then select any additional options under "Options." Click "Create RAR" at the top of the program to create the RAR file.

Download and install Rarify. Launch Rarify and open a new Finder window.

Select a compression level and output destination on Rarify's "Preferences" window that displays when you open the program. Click the box next to "Use Password" to protect the RAR with a password. Click the box beside "Create Segments of" if you want to split the archive into smaller archives, then type an archive size in megabytes in the box below.

Drag the file or folder you want to add to the archive from the Finder window and drop the item on Rarify's Dock icon. To create a RAR file out of multiple files and folders in the same location, click "Shift" and click each item. Rarefy automatically creates a RAR file and saves it to the selected output destination.

Purchase and install RarMachine. The product's website offers a free trial period if you don't want to purchase the product. Open RarMachine and click the "Finder" icon in the Dock.

Right-click a blank area on the Mac OS X desktop, then select "New Folder." Double-click the new folder to open its file window. Return to the Finder window you first opened, then locate each file you want to place in the RAR. To select multiple items in a folder, press "Shift" as you click each file. Press the "Command" and "C" keys simultaneously to copy the selected items. Return to the new desktop folder and press "Command" and "V" to paste it in the window.

Drag the new folder's icon from the desktop and drop it within RarMachine's window. RarMachine automatically makes a RAR file.

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