How to unblock an aeria games account

Written by herman cruz | 13/05/2017

Aeria Games is an Internet-based gaming platform that offers a variety of free games in genres including action, first-person shooter and fantasy. Creating an account with Aeria Games is free; the site also features an optional item shop where you can buy items that enhance your gaming experience. Account holders have to abide by the website's terms of service; if you fail to respect these terms, your account can get blocked temporarily or permanently. If this happens, try unblocking your account by submitting a ban appeal.

Navigate to Hover your mouse on the "Help" link displayed on the upper-right region of the page. Click on the "Contact Us" option from the drop-down menu.

Click the "Ban Appeal" link displayed on the left side of the "Contact Us" window.

Fill out the ban appeal form. You'll be prompted to enter your account name, e-mail address, the game the account was banned on, the server the account was banned on and your character name, plus a message requesting Aeria Games to unblock your account. Express yourself respectfully, and kindly ask if they can unblock your account. Be specific; express regret for what you did that caused you to get banned.

Enter the confirmation code displayed above where it says "Confirmation Code" in the corresponding field. Click the "Send e-mail" tab to send your appeal to Aeria Games for review. You will get a reply via e-mail informing you if your account will be unblocked. They may keep your account blocked for a specific period of time, or they may decide to unblock your account upon receiving the ban appeal.

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