How to Connect a MacBook Pro to a Samsung TV

Updated July 20, 2017

The MacBook Pro's display comes in enough sizes to fit most users' needs, but if you want to add additional desktop space to your computer, it's possible to connect the laptop to a Samsung TV. This will allow you to use the TV as a second monitor for browser windows or other content. To do this, you simply need a few basic display accessories.

Examine the backside of your Samsung TV to find which display ports are available. Apple produces Mini DisplayPort adaptors that are compatible with DVI, HDMI --- with a third-party adaptor --- and VGA cables, so you'll want to see which port type your TV has in common. HDMI ports are semi-rectangular, while VGA ports are rhombus-shaped with several rows of pins. DVI ports feature a grid with multiple female pinholes.

Plug the rhombus-shaped end of the corresponding Mini DisplayPort adaptor into your MacBook Pro. The DVI, HDMI and VGA Mini DisplayPort adaptors all feature the same functionality, so which type you use ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Plug one end of the corresponding display cable into the other side of the Mini DisplayPort adaptor.

Connect the other end of the display cable into the appropriate port on the Samsung TV.

Turn on both devices, if you haven't yet done so. Set the TV's TV/Video settings to the corresponding mode --- HDMI if you're connected via HDMI, for instance --- to begin using the MacBook Pro on the TV.

Things You'll Need

  • Mini DisplayPort adaptor
  • HDMI, VGA or DVI cable
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