How to Run VLC on a PS3

Updated February 21, 2017

PlayStation 3 consoles with the alternative Linux operating system can install all types of software, including the VLC media player. Once installed, the VLC player can be used to play almost any type of video or media player. This allows you to watch full movies, home movies or listen to your music library through the VLC media player.

Restart the PS3 console and wait for the login screen to load. Instead of your custom username, type in "root" for the username. This username is the original name you chose when installing the Linux operating system.

Type in the administrative password and press X on the login icon.

Load the "Gnome Terminal" icon, which is the black icon at the bottom of the screen. The terminal will load on the screen with a blinking cursor.

Type in "?yum update." A download will appear on the screen. Wait for the download to complete and then the terminal screen will clear.

Type in "?yum install videolan-client?" and wait for the console to load the installation file. Type "Y" to confirm the software installation. A download progress window will appear. When the download completes it will automatically disappear.

Click on the start menu, access "Applications," and then "Video and Audio" and the VLC application will be listed. Highlight and press X. The application will load on the screen.

Click on "File" and "Open" to browse the hard drive or attached drives to select a media file. Click on the file and press "OK" to open it.

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