How to clip a bichon frise

Updated November 21, 2016

Bichon frises are small, white dogs that don't shed, but have coats that you need to trim from time to time. Bichons that compete in dog shows often have a long coat that takes on a round appearance, known as the teddy bear or panda coat. This style is best achieved by a professional dog groomer. However, if you want to clip your bichon frise yourself, consider choosing a simple, short style. This style is also best for a dog who likes to play outside, as it is less likely to become tangled with debris and is more easily maintained.

Set your electric clippers so that they will leave the dog's hair about an inch long.

Trim your bichon around its genitals, so that you complete that area while the blade is still cool. When the blade warms up, it can be uncomfortable for the dog in that area.

Hold the dog up by its hind legs so that it is standing on its front legs. While it is possible to do this on your own, you might need another person to help you in this step if you are not comfortable doing it on your own. Clip the bichon's belly hair while the dog is in this position.

Clip the hair with the lay of the dog's fur, rather than against it. This will help you make sure you do not cut the dog's skin. Check the blade regularly if it becomes clogged, as that can happen easily with the bichon's thick fur.

Trim the bichon's sides and back next, from its head to its tail. Do not trim the legs, as they are typically left long in this style. Trim the chest as well and up the dog's neck.

Trim the bichon frise's face using scissors. Leave the head long, creating a rounded look. Use small, sharp scissors to snip away the hair around its eyes. Leave the hair above its eyes long, but not long enough that it droops down into the dog's eyes. Leave the hair around its mouth, known as the moustache and beard, long so that the head retains a rounded look. Avoid trimming the tail, as that is also often left long.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric clippers
  • Scissors
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