How to Draw Greyhound Dogs

Updated April 17, 2017

Greyhounds are known for their running speed, which is utilised in the sport of greyhound racing. The greyhound is also a dog that makes a good family pet, due to its gentle nature. The most important part of drawing this slender dog is to depict its shape correctly, as this will define the greyhound as much as its facial characteristics.

Sketch the greyhound from the tip of its nose and then work backwards from its head, down its neck and down to its nearest hind leg. Sketch the inside of the nearest hind leg up to and including the belly, then the greyhound's two forelegs, and then sketch its chest, throat and chin.

Look at the finished sketch and make changes if necessary. It's important to do this before starting your drawing. Begin your drawing from the tip of the greyhound's black nose and work backwards.

Depict the long neck of the greyhound and draw the curve of the dog's back down to its rump. Continue down to the nearest hind leg, capturing the way the leg moves inward and outwards. Portray the leg up to the greyhound's belly and add the tail.

Add the inside hind leg. Draw from the top of the right side of the leg downwards to its foot. Place both hind legs on the ground. Draw the curve of the dog's belly and add the straighter forelegs, which should also be placed on the ground and be very close together.

Portray the greyhound's straight chest and draw its outward slanted neck and then the outward curve of the throat and chin. Depict the slightly crooked mouth and add the eye, which should be close to the top of the greyhound's head. Use a lot of shading when drawing the ear.

Shade in the greyhound. The correct use of shading emphasises the subtle muscular aspect of the animal and helps give life to the thin coat.


Remember the importance of accuracy when drawing the curve from the top of the greyhound's neck to the nearest hind leg and up to its belly.


Because a greyhound is a slim dog, don't exaggerate this aspect of its build.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Image of a greyhound
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