How to Set Margins in Illustrator

Written by ken white | 13/05/2017

Adobe Illustrator is a graphic design tool for print and online documents that creates and outputs vector graphics. Vector graphics are made up of lines, curves and polygon shapes rather than the pixel-based raster graphics of formats like JPG and BMP. Illustrator is not specifically designed for large blocks of text, but you can place text boxes in an Illustrator document and adjust the margins of the all of the text or each paragraph within the text box.

Open Adobe Illustrator. Click "File," then "New" to create a new document or "File," then "Open" to open an existing document.

Click the Text tool in the Toolbar and draw an area text object on your document. Enter text in the area text object or copy and paste text from another source.

Click the mouse inside the text. Click "Type," then "Area Text Options."

Enter a number in the "Inset Space" text box in the Offset panel. This will adjust left, right, top and bottom margins for all text in the area text object. Positive numbers will reduce the margins and negative numbers will expand the margins. You can also adjust the location of the first of text with the "First Baseline" drop-down menu and adjust its location in the "Min" text box. Click "OK."

Click the mouse inside a paragraph you want to adjust. Click "Window," then "Type" and select "Paragraph."

Enter the number of points you want to indent the left margin in the "Left Indent" text box. Enter the number of points you want to indent the right margin in the "Right Indent" text box. Click the "x" in the corner of the Paragraph window to close it.


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