How to Put a Google Map Into PowerPoint on a Mac

Updated March 23, 2017

PowerPoint for the Mac works very much like it does for Windows. Mac users can add a Google Map to a PowerPoint slide to give an audience or reader information about driving directions or a visual map of a location. Mac's built-in screen shot functionality snaps an image of the map, and then the user is able to paste it into the slide.

Open PowerPoint on your Mac. Press the "Command" and the "N" keys to open a new document, or press the "Command" and the "O" keys, then navigate to the file in the "Open" window. Double-click the file. Click "OK."

Create a blank slide for your Google Map.

Visit Type in the address of the map you want to generate and insert into the PowerPoint presentation. Zoom into the section of the map that details the location. Jot down the URL of the map.

Press the "Command," "Shift" and the "3" keys to take a screenshot of the entire screen, or press the "Command," "Shift," and "4" keys, then drag the mouse's cross hairs around the exact image. Save it as a file on the desktop.

Double click your screenshot's image on the desktop. By default, the image file opens in "Preview." Select "Edit," then "Copy."

Click on the blank PowerPoint slide, then select "Paste" to place the map into the slide. Click the map's image, then select "Insert," and scroll to "Hyperlink." Type the URL of the Google Maps' location in the "Link to" text field. Click "OK." The link will take the reader or the presenter to the live map in Google Maps.

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