How Do I Scan a Document Into My PC Using My HP C4180?

Updated July 19, 2017

One of the benefits of owning an all-on-one printer with a built-in scanner such as the HP Photosmart C4180 is that it gives you an opportunity to digitally preserve your paper photos and documents. While photos eventually fade, a digital image collection that is properly backed up can conceivably outlive you. Use your Photosmart C4180 to scan a document or photo and create a copy on your computer for editing, sharing or preserving.

Lift the top cover of the Photosmart C4180, and place the picture or document facedown on the bed of the scanner so that the upper-left corner of the original lines up with the arrow in the forward-right corner of the scanner bed.

Close the scanner cover.

Push the "Start Scan" button on the Photosmart C4180 control panel. the screen displays a list of applications on your computer that the printer recognises.

Push the down-arrow button to cycle through the list of applications, and highlight the application that you would like to send the digital copy of the photo or document to.

Push "OK" to scan the document and send it to the computer. After a moment, the image appears in the HP Photosmart application.

Click "Accept" in the HP Photosmart application to send the image to the application that you selected on the Photosmart C4180 control panel.

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