How to Make a Spaceship Out of Tinfoil

Updated November 21, 2016

Various types of spaceships can be made out of tinfoil. Tinfoil, also called aluminium foil, allows for change throughout the process of moulding your spaceship. If you create a wing that you do not like, you can unfold it and start again, given that your foil does not rip in the process. This article explains how to make the round spaceships commonly seen in alien movies.

Take a large amount of tinfoil, depending on how big you want your ship to be, and crumple the entire piece into a tight ball that measures between 4 and 6 inches in diameter. If you did not use enough foil the first time, add more foil to the outside of the ball you just created.

Lay a 6-to-8-inch-square piece of foil on a flat surface. Make a circle with a piece of tape, making sure the adhesive is on the exterior. Put this small piece of tape in the centre of the square. Place the ball on top of this piece of tape. Form the flat piece of foil around the bottom half of the foil circle. The flat edges of the square are now raised off the table and at the height of the centre of the circle. Repeat this step with a piece of foil on the top half of the foil ball. The corners do not have to align.

Fold the edges of the top piece of foil down over the edges of the bottom piece of foil. Scrunch the foil to bring it closer to the ball. This circle should protrude only a few inches from the ball. This area represents the inside of the spaceship, where the aliens live, and adds volume to the spaceship.

Repeat Step 2 with an 8-by-10-inch square piece of foil. This is the exterior of the spaceship. Fold the edges around one another, creating a circle shape with the foil.

Crunch four smaller strips of foil, making one to two inch long landing legs. Leave a flat piece at one end of the leg so you can tape it to the bottom of the spaceship. These must be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the spaceship. Add more foil if the legs begin to buckle.

Decorate the top of the spaceship however you want with permanent marker. Include windows, doors, lights and other items that might be on the outside of a spaceship.


Use thicker foil to make a sturdier spaceship, less likely to rip while being created.

Things You'll Need

  • Tinfoil
  • Clear tape
  • Permanent marker
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