How to skew font in illustrator

Updated March 23, 2017

Adobe Illustrator is an indispensable tool for digital designers who create artwork and design text for publication. If you want to create text on a skewed slant or perspective, you must first change the text to outlines, which effectively renders the text as individual shapes. You can then apply a skew effect as well as fill the shape with colour or apply any other graphic effect.

Open a new Illustrator document.

Select the "T" or text tool from the tool palette. Click on the document, then type your text.

Right-click on the text with the cursor. Select "Create Outlines" from the pull-down menu. Each letter becomes an outlined shape.

Select the "Free Transform" tool from the tool palette, or click "E" on the keyboard.

Place the cursor on a corner handle of the text box. Press "Shift" and left-click with the mouse, then press "Ctrl" or "Command" (Mac).

Move the mouse with the text selected and the text will skew or slant. Alternately, press "Ctrl," then scroll to "Shear" on the submenu. Enter a value in the "Shear Angle" text field. Select either "Horizontal" or "Vertical" shear. Click "OK."

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