How to Make a Pedigree Chart Using Microsoft Word

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Whether you're looking to create a graphical representation of your family or your prized pet, a hierarchical chart is the most effective way to display how people or animals are related. You can easily create a pedigree or generational chart in Microsoft Word 2010 using the SmartArt feature. Once the chart is created, you can customise its font type and size, colours, shapes and more.

Select the Insert tab and click on the SmartArt icon.

Select "Hierarchy" from the left-hand menu. Click on the icon of the hierarchical chart which best suits the pedigree chart you wish to create. A basic template will appear on your document.

Click once on a shape to activate the cursor, allowing you to type a name within the box. The size of the text will automatically change to fit all the text within the box. Highlight the text and change its font, colour and size from the Home tab.

Click on an individual shape to select it. Right-click on a selected shape for a menu of formatting options. Select "Add Shape" to add a person to the pedigree chart. Click on "Format Shape" to change the fill colour, outline colour and more. Choose "Cut" to remove a shape from the hierarchy.

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