How to Skew an Image in PowerPoint

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 can format images on a slide. The "Format" tab on the command Ribbon can convert the image from a rectangular format to a skewed look that seems to pop off the slide. For example, the 3-D rotation command includes a "Perspective" style with an exaggerated tilt.

Open the PowerPoint file.

Click on the inserted image.

Click on the "Picture Tools Format" tab. The "Format" ribbon will display groups, such as "Picture Styles."

Click on the down-arrow for "Picture Effects" in the "Picture Styles" group.

Point on "3-D Rotation" to display the effects.

Click on a format. Examples include oblique, parallel and perspective. You can preview the styles by pointing over the buttons. The image's rectangular shape will convert to a skewed look.

Save this file.

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