How to use Pathmate Walk moulds

Updated February 21, 2017

Patios, paths and walkways are a unique and eye-catching way to spruce up your home and outdoor space. These landscaping projects help you to decorate your back garden and create a dramatic entrance, border, path or walkway. This project can be done by yourself, but typically it takes a few days to complete. Fortunately, there are do-it-yourself kits, such as the Pathmate Walk and Stone mould, available which eliminates the hassle, time and mess associated with these projects. These moulds are made of durable plastic and come in a variety of styles and designs. They are simple to use, easy to clean and reusable.


Level the surface area where you will be working. Remove any sod, small plants and rocks. You will need a relatively flat surface to properly create your path.

Place the mould at the start of the path. Use a trowel to cut along the edges of the mould and mark the placement.

Lift the mould and place it adjacent to the first location. Make sure the mould touches the end of the first location, then mark the perimeter of the mould with a trowel.

Continue marking your path in this manner until you are satisfied with the layout of your path or walkway.

Pour one 27.2 kg (60 lb) bag of quick-setting cement mix into a wheelbarrow. Gradually add three quarts of water to the cement. Stir the mixture with a shovel or mixing hoe until you achieve a stiff batter-like consistency. One 27.2 kg (60 lb) bag will fill one Pathmate mould.

Placing and filling the moulds

Place the mould at the start of the path. Line up the edges of the mould with the marks you previously made.

Pour the cement into each space inside the mould until it is completely filled. Use the flat side of the trowel to smooth the surface. Let the cement set for 1 to 2 minutes.

Remove the mould by gently twisting and lifting the edges. Use the trowel and smooth over the surface and edges of the cement to your liking.

Use the trowel and your imagination to create different finishing surfaces and designs. Spread sand across the surface to add a textured effect, or place sand, small stones, soil and grass seeds in between the gaps to create a more dramatic look.

Place the mould in the next marked space. Repeat the process in steps 1 to 4 to create the second moulding in your path. Continue in this manner until you have completed the entire outline.


The Pathmate Walk Molds measure 50 x 62 cm (20 x 24 1/3 inches) and hold one 27.2 kg (60 lb) bag of premix concrete. Rent or purchase a cement mixer if you will be taking on a large project. Add cement dye to the mixing process if you wish to add colour to your path or walkway.

Things You'll Need

  • Trowel
  • 27.2 kg (60 lb) bags of quick setting cement mix
  • Concrete mixer or wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
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