How to Draw a Beagle Step-by-Step

Updated February 21, 2017

Snoopy, the cartoon dog created by Charles Schulz, is perhaps the most famous beagle in the world. Although Snoopy can often be acerbic, beagles in general are friendly, sweet-tempered family dogs. If you're a proud owner of a beagle or a fan of this breed, their domed skulls and squarish bodies make them an easier dog to draw. You can use sketches of a beagle on homemade greeting cards or art projects, tailoring the depiction to resemble the beagle in your life, or the colouring and size of this dog that you prefer.

Draw a large circle in the middle of the paper. To the left of this circle, draw a smaller circle, slightly overlapping it. Just above the first circle, draw a smaller circle overlapping it. Together, these circles will make up the head and body of the beagle.

Draw two short curved lines coming down out of the bottom of the first circle you drew. At the end of each line, draw a small circle. These will represent the beagle's paws and legs.

Draw half a circle coming out of the southwest end of your left circle. Draw a line coming down out of this half circle. This will be one of your beagle's back legs.

Draw a line coming down from the place where your left hand circle and the first circle overlap. This will be the dog's other back leg. Draw a vertical line extending upward from the top of the left circle. This will be the dog's tail.

Draw a vertical line through the middle of the dog's head. Draw a horizontal line cutting through the middle of the head, crossing the vertical line. Draw two round circles for the eyes on either side of the vertical line, on the horizontal line.

Draw a small, upside down, rounded triangle beneath the eyes on the vertical line. This will be the dog's snout. Directly beneath it draw a smaller, tear-shaped oval. This will be the dog's mouth.

Draw a large tear shape on the right side of the dog's head. Draw another large tear shape on the left side of the dog's head. These will be the dog's ears.

Connect all the circles you've drawn to the dog's body in smooth lines. Connect the lines of the head and ears so that the shapes flow into each other organically. Fill in the lines of the dog's legs and tail to make them thicker. Erase all your guiding lines.

Select a picture of a beagle you like and shade in your drawing to match the beagle's colouring. For example, some beagles have patches of colour over each eye and on their ears. Some beagles have dark backs and tails with white tips. Shade in the beagle in accordance with the reference picture.

Things You'll Need

  • Sketchpad
  • Pencil
  • Picture of a beagle
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