How to receive blessings from a buddhist monk

Written by floyd drake iii | 13/05/2017
How to receive blessings from a buddhist monk
Buddhism is a philosophy as well as a religion. ( Images)

Buddhism is an open-minded faith and allows anybody the opportunity to be blessed. Buddhist monk blessings can range from simple prayers to elaborate events in which many monks chant Buddhist blessings. Examples of these chanting rituals are seen at weddings and other official ceremonies. Among the things Buddhist monks' blessings may encourage are peace, compassion, love, prosperity and light.

Contact a Buddhist temple and find out the particulars of receiving a Buddhist monk's blessings. It is not required to be a practicing Buddhist to receive a monk's blessing.

Make "merit" with the Buddhist monk. According to Buddha Net, part of being a Buddhist monk requires having no means of support, so life's essentials, such as food, clothing, shelter and medicine, are things accepted by Buddhist monks in order to make "merit." When Monks exchange blessings and spread the teachings of the Buddha, it is called "sharing merit."

Receive the Buddhist monk's blessings. Always show proper respect to the monks before, during and after the blessing. This respect means not offering anything that would tempt them from abandoning their vows. Examples include: ensuring another man is present when a woman and a male monk would otherwise be alone, and offering food outside the acceptable time period, which is between dawn and noon.

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