How to Draw a Worgen

Updated April 17, 2017

Worgens are fierce wolf-like humanoid creatures that roam the plains of Azeroth in the World of Warcraft. They are strong warriors and fight ferociously. They wear varying styles of armour, from minimal tribal coverings to full-bodied ring mail. Their armour conveys the stature and origin of each worgen, and is an important sign of its social class. You can learn to draw the intensity of their characters and fighting stature through practice.

Sketch the largest shapes of the worgen's underlying physique. Use simple oval and circular forms to map out its head, wide chest, stomach, arms and legs. Use these basic shapes to establish its overall pose. Refrain from adding clothing or armour as you indicate its essential body proportions and locations. Decide on a posture and do not hesitate to overlap shapes. The head can overlap in front of its chest, for example, and an arm can be behind its torso.

Draw major features of its body. Start worgen-izing the basic shapes into articulate forms. Draw its fangs protruding from the elongated snout, and sketch in the major folds of its eyebrows. Draw the eyes and claws. Sketch the major braces of its armour such as enormous pointed shoulder guards, a pelvic guard and chest plates. Worgen armour is often more boxy than the forms of its body. Use straight lines for the armour to differentiate it from the body's curves.

Articulate the armour and clothing. Be creative and add details like metal rings that band leather sections around its arms, sections of cloth, protruding horns and various sized pads and plates. Use repetition to add visual impact such as layered plating on its chest. Draw engraved patterns on sections of its armour to indicate worgen cultural style. Symmetry and repetition can add refinement to the engravings. Draw ruffled folds in leather and cloth sections and torn edges to indicate the wear and tear of the worgen's dangerous life.

Draw light and shadows to evoke three dimensionality and presence. A basic understanding of how light and shadow effect simple shapes requires practice. An easy place to start is to choose a direction for a light source, such as a fire to the left of the worgen, and draw shadows on the sides of each shape that are furthest from the light source. Light and shadow make the shapes look three dimensional.

Draw details in its fur, face and armour. Draw individual points of its fur, especially around the edges, to suggest the fearsome quality of the worgen's personality. Add gnarled creases around its eyes and snout. Continue to articulate the shadows and engravings on its armour. Move from one section to another, working the overall worgen until it looks balanced and complete.


Look at pictures of worgens to get ideas for postures and details. They are shown in an endless array of poses, and much of their intensity is conveyed in their posture.

Things You'll Need

  • Set of artist's quality pencils
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Drawing paper
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