How to Unblock an Unknown Number

Updated April 17, 2017

Receiving phone calls from an unknown number can be annoying for anyone. However, blocking all unknown numbers could result in your being unable to talk to someone that you would actually like to speak to. Unblocking your unknown numbers means you will now receive calls from all unknown numbers, including telemarketing companies. There are a number of ways that you can unblock unknown numbers on your mobile phone.

Contact the call centre of your mobile phone service provider and ask them to unblock the unknown numbers on your phone. Many providers offer an unknown number blocking service. If you have previously activated this, you will need to remove it to unblock an unknown number.

Remove an application you may have downloaded to your phone such as "Blacklist." This application is used to block all unknown numbers. Removing this application will deactivate the feature.

Remove your number from the "National Do Not Call Registry" if you have previously placed it on the registry. Placing your number on this list will make it illegal for companies and telemarketers to contact you regarding the products and services they offer. Removing your number from this registry will now make it possible for them to call you.

Remove "Unknown" from the block list on your mobile phone. Many phones have the option to block a specific number or group of unknown numbers from contacting your phone. Deleting the numbers in the block list will remove this option.

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