How to Print a Book From Blogger

Many bloggers are aspiring writers and it has become popular for bloggers to print their blogs so they have an actual printed copy of them in book form. A blog is a simple online log of either a person or a brand's thoughts and updates, with many popular blogs being insights into bloggers' personal lives. Many bloggers have been offered book deals, so more and more bloggers are looking to publish their blog.

Decide which blog posts you would like to include in your book. You can include your whole blog, or you could ask your readers to vote on which posts are their favourite, so you know your book will only include your best work.

Brainstorm how you want your book to look. If you have images on your blog, decide if you want these included in the book.

Edit each blog post by cutting and pasting it into a text document. First highlight the text you want and hit CTRL + C to copy it and then CTRL + V to paste it.

Log in to your Blogger dashboard and go to FILE and click 'Download All' to download each blog post as a text document. This is an easier alternative to cutting and pasting each post individually.

Add any headers or pages numbers you want, as well as images. If you only have a small blog, this is an easy way to print it as a book.

Design a front covering. Either draw this or use a photo which you can edit in image editing software. Or alternatively find a reasonably priced professional to create a front cover on a freelance website.

Use specialist editing software to turn your blog into a book. There are web page editors online which let you edit all text and images of a page and then either print it or add it to a document. Software like this can often even be used to create a table of contents and a front cover.

Print your book once you are happy with the way it looks in your text editor. Once you have a hard copy you can get it bound at a copy shop


Always preview your book before printing it, to save wasting paper and ink if there are any mistakes. Use screen grabs if you simply want to print a paper copy of each blog post, by pressing CTRL + PrntScr and then pasting it into a text document by pressing CTRL + V.

Things You'll Need

  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Text editing software
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