How to Keep My Louis Vuitton Leather From Cracking

Updated April 17, 2017

Louis Vuitton bags can be expensive and, therefore, are investments that should be properly cared for. Like other material objects, maintenance is important if you want to preserve the pristine condition of the item. When exposed to the elements such as hot weather, dirt and oils from your hands, the leather on your bag can crack, but with a few easy-to-find cleaning solutions, you can keep your Louis Vuitton bag leather from cracking for years to come.

Carry your Louis Vuitton leather bag on your arm or over your shoulder instead of in your hands or placing it on the ground. If you need to put the bag down, place it on a chair or table. The oils and dirt from your hands and other surfaces can damage the leather and cause it to degrade and crack over time.

Apply leather or baby wipes to remove the dirt and oil from the surface of the leather. For more intensive cleaning of your Louis Vuitton bag, use leather cleaner.

Maintain the integrity of the leather by applying a layer of leather lotion or moisturiser after cleaning. This will condition the leather and keep it from cracking from exposure to weather, dirt and oils.


Do not use a wet cloth to clean your leather bag, because the moisture from the water will cause the leather to dry and crack and may also cause unsightly water spots.

Things You'll Need

  • Baby or leather wipes
  • leather lotion or moisturiser
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