How to Tie a Cravat Knot

Cravats are not worn too often in everyday life anymore. During the Victorian era in England, however, they were considered de rigueur, or required etiquette for the day. Today, the cravat has slimmed down into the tie that men wear to work or to dress up. You may see a cravat occasionally at a very formal wedding or when in England. Tying a cravat is not difficult; much like a teenager learns to tie a tie, tying a cravat takes practice.

Find the middle of the cravat and place it in front of your neck. Wrap the ends around to the back of your neck.

Cross the two ends behind your neck and bring them forward to the front again. It should be tight, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable.

Tie a knot in front of your neck. Keep it slightly loose. Tie another knot with the two ends; pull the opposite end through the loop as you did on the first knot.

Tighten the knots slightly. You do not want them hanging loose, but you also don't want tiny knots. It should be a full-looking knot.

Leave the ends of the cravat hanging loose, or tuck them inside your vest or jacket. The first is informal, while the second look is more formal.

Find the middle of the cravat and put in behind your neck. The two ends should hang down in front of your chest.

Cross the right side over the left side.

Bring the one you just crossed over up to your neck and under the crossed pieces. Once it comes up, pull it down your chest.

Straighten the two ends so they lay on top of each other, down the middle of your chest.

Tuck the ends of the cravat under the vest, waistcoat or jacket you are wearing.

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