How to Write a Theatre Proposal

Theatre proposals are typically submitted to a governing board appointed by the city council to oversee arts and entertainment activities. Some local cultural arts or arts and entertainment commissions, publish proposal guidelines for theatre companies to follow when submitting their proposal. These guidelines are available on official city websites under the cultural arts or arts and entertainment sections.

Visit your city's website and locate their cultural arts or arts and entertainment resources to find their guidelines for theatre. Or visit a specific theatre's website for their proposal or submission guidelines.

Follow all guidelines discovered and also answer these questions:

How long has your theatre company or ensemble been in operation?

Has your company been in production consistently for that time period?

Who are the founders of the company?

What is the mission of the company?

What are your company's qualifications to produce this project?

How long do you estimate your production will run?

Create an outline of your proposal that answers the questions in Step 2 and follows any guidelines you found.

Organise your proposal into heading and subheadings. An example of this is:


Explain the purpose for the proposal in single paragraph of less than 100 words.


  • Company Founders

Include names and brief, relevant biographies. Also include your founding date.

  • List of Productions

Include names and dates.

Proposed Production

  • Summary of Story

Keep this concise and engaging.

  • Length of Production

State the number of acts and how long the play runs.

  • Detail of Costumes
  • Detail of Props
  • Funding Sources


Add the answers to your questions in Step 2.

Write a brief cover letter providing a summary of your company and the proposed production.


Strictly following the published guidelines will increase your chances of submitting a successful proposal by demonstrating a willingness to operate within the guidelines set by the local jurisdiction or organisation.


Always be completely honest in a proposal and do not attempt to embellish the qualifications or accomplishments of your theatre company.

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