How to Have a Teen Wear a Nose Ring on "The Sims 2"

Written by joshua benjamin | 13/05/2017

Perhaps the greatest selling point of Maxis' "The Sims 2" is how much players can customise the game to suit their tastes. The game has a massive modding community in addition to the official Electronic Arts (EA) expansion packs and normal in-game content. There are several mods that allow you to add facial piercings to a teenage Sim upon creation.

Launch your Web browser and navigate to a mod site containing your desired nose piercing.

Download the nose ring mod file onto your hard drive. If it is in a Zip or RAR archive, you will need to extract the files inside the archive onto your hard drive using a software application, such as WinRAR or WinZIP.

Place the mod files in your "Sims 2" Downloads folder. The default location is C:\ My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads. If the mod files are in a Package file, launch the package installer by double-clicking the file and they will install the mod files automatically.

Launch "The Sims 2" or the "Character Creator" application. The nose rings will typically be available for your teen Sim under the Jewelry section, though that may differ depending on which specific mod you installed.

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