How to Draw Fashion Sketches for Kids

Fashion sketches are the basis of fashion design and kids who want to learn how to create their own couture clothing need to learn how to draw them. Once a child has an fashion idea, she can make it a reality with a real fashion sketch, which is different than drawing a normal person. A human form is typically drawn by using the head as a measurement and guide, where the entire body is eight heads tall. A fashion figure is longer and leaner, at roughly ten heads tall. Learn how to draw a fashion sketch by starting with the proper fashion figure.

Draw an oval-shaped head at the top of your drawing paper with a pencil. Be sure the paper is turned vertically or longways. A fashion figure is taller and leaner than a normal human body. The head will help guide and help you measure the rest of the body.

Add 11 equally spaced lines starting at the top of the head down the paper. The second line will be at the bottom of the head, and use the length of the head as a guide for the other lines. You should be left with 10 spaces, including the head.

Add two vertical lines that come out from either side and under the head for the neck. Add perpendicular lines out from the neck lines for the top of the shoulders. From the top of the shoulders create an hourglass shape. The skinny middle of the hourglass will be line number 4, from the top. Then it angles out to line 5. This is the torso for your sketch.

Draw a small upside down "V" shape in the middle of and between lines 5 and 6. This is the area between the torso and legs of the model. Add two elongates oval shapes from line 5 to line 8. These are the thighs and top part of the two legs. They should be slightly wider at the top and come out from the hips at line 5.

Draw the knee and the rest of the leg from line 8 to the bottom line. The feet can be "V" shapes facing forward, or make one foot turn out. It will look like a right angle triangle.

Add arms by drawing long, thin oval shapes from the shoulders. The elbow should be about line 4 1/2 and the wrist and a oval-shaped hand will end at line 6.

Add hair that follows the shape of the head for a short bob haircut. If you want longer hair, end the hair at a longer length. Draw a heart-shaped mouth in the centre bottom half of the face. For fashion sketches you do not need to add all the facial features, just a basic face.

Draw straps of a tank top from the shoulders. It will look like a "U" shape around the bottom of the neck and chest and it will end at line 5. Add a triangular skirt from line 5 to about line 7. Give her boots on her legs starting at line 9 1/2 to the bottom of the leg by colouring it in with the side of your pencil.

Erase any unwanted lines, such as your guide lines. Darken pencil marks that are too light and define any marks that you want by adding thicker pencil marks.


Once you master the basic fashion model, use tracing paper over your drawing paper like a template. Then you can trace the fashion model easily. Experiment with different clothing styles for all seasons. A simple face can be drawn with almond-shaped eyes in the centre of the oval and a short line for a nose.

Things You'll Need

  • Drawing paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
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