How to Remove a Disk Stuck in an Acer Computer

Written by tiffany garden | 13/05/2017

Most Acer computers come with a CD or DVD drive that you can use to play optical discs. If a disc gets stuck in an optical drive on your Acer, the emergency eject hole on the drive manually pushes the disc out. Optical drives may get discs stuck inside them if the drive is not receiving power properly, if the drive is having a physical issue or if the disc was inserted improperly in the drive.

Restart your Acer computer to ensure that the drive does not simply need a reset before it can eject the disk. Press the "Eject" button on the drive to confirm.

Straighten a paper clip.

Insert the paper clip into the small hole on the front face of the CD or DVD drive with the computer turned off. As you press the paper clip into this hole, it will manually eject the disc from the drive.

Things you need

  • Straightened paper clip

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